Touch Me Now

In today’s complex world, time is of the essence and simplicity is king. One touch, swipe, tap or click is the most effort consumers are willing to put into ordering, purchasing or buying anything.

The “just-a-click-away” promise has been around since the invention of the mouse (computer mouse, that is 🙂 ). Reserving a holiday, inviting a friend to an online game, or even transferring packages. But the “one click” still required us to log on to the internet, access the particular web page, and enter an endless amount of information into a digital form before we could actually perform that “one” click.

Not any more…

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2012 (3)


Dubai’s Red Tomato Pizza introduced the VIP Fridge Magnet. The magnet was sent to registered loyalty program members, providing them with a true “one-touch” experience.

Using their smartphone’s Bluetooth functionality to connect to the internet, all customers have to do to order a pizza delivery is to press the button on the magnet. Some minutes later their favorite pizza arrives at their doorstep.

Click on the image to see more.

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