Beating Brands

Nothing like the new year to start a new blog. Reminiscing over the previous 12 months and attempting to forecast the coming dozen. Each month the blog will focus on a different topic and try and outsmart itself in analyzing that topic. This month’s topic is, obviously, the new year.

This post is the first of 10, representing the follies and trends that make us, shape us and transform us into global consumers.

So let’s start with Marc Shillum’s analysis of Apple’s brand BEAT. That’s right, not brand strategy, or even brand story, but brand beat…

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2012 (1)


So what is it about Apple, that even their roadmap strategy, including launches, advertising campaigns, IOS releases and media exposure is so synched and so harmonious that the end result is a concert of of distinct sounds.

Marc Shillum’s concept of ‘brands as patterns’ breaks down successful brand into structure. With music as his universe, Shillum explains the structure audibly.

Click on the image to see more.

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