Social Circles

Branding and advertising are critical for any company hoping to develop, maintain, or grow their market. From retailers to service providers, software to bakeries, everyone needs a little help from their friends, and today social networks are key to achieving that. If you don’t have a social strategy, you will not survive this day and age.

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2012 (4)


Although still in BETA and buggy as hell, apparently even Google needs to do some self-promotion, and as such has developed “Google-a-day”.

Based on its Google+ platform, the concept involves a type of trivia game that helps you hone your search skills. In the top part you are exposed to timed questions (with hints and tips, of course), and in the bottom part you have a Google search bar to help you find the answers.

Obviously, none of this is worth anything without the social aspect. So Google uses + to evangelize the game (and your skills) to all your circles.

Concept scores 10, execution scores 4. Nice try, but keep trying…

For more, click on the image.

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