Swooshing Support

Many companies’ social policy involves some kind of dialogue with customers. Many times this can backfire as dissatisfaction with a product or service is always part of that dialogue.

But what happens when a company takes the anti-establishment side of the customer?

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2012 (5)


After a dragged-on lockout of the National Hockey League, which produced millions of furious and hockey-starved fans, the NHL tried using social media to calm the masses. “Keep calm and pin on” was the official message to its 81,000 pinterest followers (derived from an World War II British propaganda poster reading “Keep Calm and Carry On”). The mocking was soon to follow, with “Keep calm and eat shit NHL,” or “Keep calm and get the lockout over with!” representative of the 150-plus comments received by mid-morning.

Nike recognized an opportunity and, picking the side of the fans, produced a viral ad that showed its support, with fans using frozen hamburgers instead of pucks. Populist sentiment galore, the YouTube video gained more than half a million views within 2 weeks. Utilizing fans, amateur players and even a few NHLers, Nike’s message? “Hockey is stronger than any league power struggle!” That’s right, JUST DO IT.

Click on the image to watch the video.

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