Innovative Chaos

Great viral videos on YouTube, or Facebook identities that blur the line between business and personal, lend themselves to memorable marketing. But when the x-factor crosses media channels, and cooperates across the various interfaces, you get that pristine tone usually reserved for crystal glasses.

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2012 (6)


Lynx decided to send a handful of fans to a Caribbean island, Lynx Chaos Island, for the party of the year with 20 Lynx girls, return flights, watersports, food & drink…

Giving 14 tickets away via 6 digital treasure hunts, they touched all the behavioral tendencies of their target market (young, competitive, interactive, and, yes, horny).

They used, among others, Twitter, pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Google Maps, Tumblr, fake blogs, an online ninja school, an imaginary pizza takeaway site, lyric searching, Morse code translation, language translation, image-matching, and infuriatingly-competitive HTML5 games.

The result was one of the most popular videos on YouTube (click on the image to see), more than a million interactions, and a hell of a lot of publicity. Oh, and they also generated great content from the trips themselves for future use 😉

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