Reality Bites Back

Reading an ezine is convenient, but reading the latest physical edition of VOGUE is all about pleasure. Purchasing music on iTunes is quick and easy, but spending hours at a Virgin Megastore is close to heavenly. There is something about the digital experience that, no matter how popular or intuitive, still lacks the flair that reality provides.

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2012 (7)


There are characteristics of digital experience, however, that leave reality in the dust. Spontaneous discovery, for example, that permits us to get contextual information about the world around us.

As you hold the smartphone’s camera up to a painting in a museum, Augmented Reality should automatically understand what you are looking at and show you all the information about its context: the work of art, the artist, opening hours, the museum shop, etc.

From a report by Fjord and 13th Lab, “it is not about creating a new Internet for reality, it is about connecting the existing one to reality. Just as most Internet properties now have a mobile version of their web page and user interface, we believe they will eventually have a “reality” version of web page adapted to be rendered on top of reality.” To read more about the report, click on the image.

Augmented Reality’s developers, users, and publishers need to remember, however, that it’s not just about gaming…

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