Magnet Tablets: WANT

We start the month of February with a new theme. Want, Need, Lust presents (in a series of 3 posts to make them shorter and easier to digest) products and services within specific domains via an axis of  desirability, ranking them and defining the strategy that gives them their lustre. Enjoy! And please feel free to add your own…

Our first series is the world of tablets, no doubt the rising star of the times. The tablet market doubled in size in 2012, led by Apple’s iPad. The tablet space, however, has triggered a fierce battle between countless manufacturers, resulting in surprisingly low prices and unprecedented sales. Here are a few that are outstanding in respect of the want, need, lust spectrum.

WANT: Google’s Nexus 7


Revealed on June 27, 2012, the first device using Android’s “Jelly Bean” operating system, the Nexus 7’s effect on the market was felt that same afternoon, prompting an 0.8% increase in Google’s shares. Labeled the “undisputed king of the hill”, estimates suggest that Google sold between 5 and 8 million units in just 6 months. With a myriad of accolades, including “Gadget of the Year”, it ranked among the most influential products of 2012.

So what is it about it that made such a bang?

Well, marketed heavily as an entertainment device, it facilitates multimedia consumption of e-books, television programs, films, games, and music. But most importantly, with a high-quality screen, quad-core processor (that’s super strong and very fast), built-in camera and multiple communication modes, the Nexus 7’s greatest feature is its price point: a mere US$199.


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